Saturday, 28 January 2012

Kebisoni Report

On Thursday we met with the Kebisoni SACCO to provide our report. The board, management and some staff were in attendance. It was a national holiday however the SACCO was open for the morning and quite busy as we began our report. I was a little anxious about how it would be received. This was my first attempt and although I was relying on Brad my partner I was still unsure how it would go over.
We began the meeting with introductions and immediately went to work. It was very formal and well structured. The board and management were very receptive and appreciated our recommendations. They were pleased to hear we thought they had good leadership and practices.
The real fun began after the meeting concluded. They invited us to drink some pop with them and explained when you are invited to share your are being invited to share in love. It was like being welcomed into their family.
Conversations quickly ensued. I met with some of the women directors, most of the board were either teachers or retired teachers. They wanted to hear about my family and called be a big women... this is a compliment. I told them about my husband Simon and the kids and grand kids. I shared I came from a big family and they were very surprised. In Uganda most families are smaller now, not like in previous generations, that's why it was so surprising to meet Reuben, the farmer with 12 kids.
It was a very special day, I feel truly blessed to have shared this experience with warm, caring, individuals. They are in fact a lot like our credit union board and employees. They want to help the members to improve their living, they want to do it in a caring and thoughtful way, bringing value to the relationship. They want to improve the economic condition of their communities and through their credit union and cooperative lift their families and communities out of poverty and into prosperity.

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