Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Full days and fleeting nights...

We have finished our second day at Kebisoni SACCO (credit union). It was another full day meeting with management and staff. Then meeting with a local member and his family. It was very special to be invited into his home to see how the credit union has helped him support his family of twelve, supporting all his children on the produce and proceeds of his farm. Through loans from the SACCO he has built his farm to develop multiple projects to increase the output of the farm. He has grown his farm to a fairly large size, enough to support his family and sell some of the produce to the local community. He grows coffee beans and is part of a Coffee Cooperative, he has a small banana plantation, oranges, and various other fruit, plus two cows.

I am exhausted at the end of the day... almost 2 hours trip to the credit union and back again each day. Today was especially long as we worked late on our report for the directors due in the morning. I hope I can get it copied in the hotel before we have to leave.

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