Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Friday - Cooperative spirit alive and well

Friday we visited with Nyakyera SACCO to see what progress had been made since they had coaches last year. It was inspiring to see the changes. Several of the recommendations were adopted and the SACCO is doing better. They took the suggestions of the coaches and developed them further. We met the president of the farmers cooperative in the new building owned by the SACCO but rented to the farmers cooperative to mill the maize into flour.

They shared their story with us and their food. We were given bananas, bread and butter, g nuts, jack fruit, pineapple and tea. It was wonderful!

This time last year the Nyakyera community didn't have electricity. They are now doing remarkable well and are even offering loans for solar panels to reduce energy costs for the community. The cooperative spirit is alive and well in Uganda.

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