Saturday, 4 February 2012

London... snow!

A 10 hour flight from Entebee to London and not a bad night's sleep on the flight. Then we took the underground... that was an adventure. Lugging our suitcases and bags up and down a staggering amount of stairs, through tight spaces, on and off trains until we eventually arrived at The Royal Foundation of St Katherine, our accommodation.

The first meal was an English style breakfast complete with black pudding at a beautiful pub on Canary Wharf.

That night we went to the Lyceum Theatre in Covent Gardens and saw the Lion King... a spectacular show and an extremely special way to end our African adventure. Corey and Vanessa shown below and Brad my Uganda team mates were there to share the experience.

Saturday was a full day of debriefing and was terrific. Although it was long it really was worthwhile as we considered how we were going to continue this journey and share our experience on our return. Saturday we had a celebration dinner at Gordon Ramsay's The Narrows restaurant on the Thames river. It was a wonderful evening yet bitter sweet...

My flight to Manchester was cancelled due to snow in London and I spent the rest of the night changing my travel plans. I'm still going to Manchester however I'll be travelling first class on Virgin trains... travelling first class on the train will be a first experience for me... looking forward to the journey!

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Final Leg...

Our final SACCO to visit was Buyanja. It was started by 138 women in 2002. They're now coming up to their 10th anniversary and the membership has grown to over 1500. The manager Edson and the staff were terrific, each had a story to tell and all were committed to the success of the SACCO. I was so impressed I opened an account and am now a proud member!